Clever Maniacs is a full-service marketing company offering legal digital marketing. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach legal clients can count on us for help in a variety of online marketing areas.

Legal Firm Web Design

You need a website that is not only eye-catching and professional-looking, but it needs to compel visitors to contact you or opt-in to receiving further communication from your law firm. Our website design services can help your website not only pique the interest of visitors but can help engage them as well.

SEO – Get Your Law Firm Found

Are you getting found by your target audience? If you need SEO help, contact us for our legal marketing services. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other Florida businesses who use our SEO services can get found by their target audience. We can help you get listed on Google and other search engines as well as stay within the top rankings for target key phrases that relate to your law firm.

Social Media for Law Firms

Social marketing is an important element of legal marketing. Fort Lauderdale-based Clever Maniacs can help you leverage YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services to not only connect with potential clients but to boost your firm’s online presence considerably through viral marketing techniques.

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

What’s your overall strategy in legal marketing? Firms in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and elsewhere need to consider a multi-faceted approach to marketing. Law firms in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere can benefit from our tailored approach that looks at your geographical area, your areas of expertise, your competition, and that helps you present yourself as a great solution to potential clients.

Talk legal marketing strategies with Clever Maniacs today and let us help you boost your online presence and your success.